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  • Artist: Bad Bunny
  • Genres: Urbano latino, Music, Latino
  • Release date: 2020-02-29
  • Tracks: 20
  • Duration: 05:58


PlaySi Veo a Tu Mamá by Bad Bunny (02:50)

PlayLa Difícil by Bad Bunny (02:43)

PlayPero Ya No by Bad Bunny (02:40)

PlayLa Santa by Bad Bunny & Daddy Yankee (03:26)

PlayYo Perreo Sola by Bad Bunny (02:52)

PlayBichiyal by Bad Bunny & Yaviah (03:16)

PlaySoliá by Bad Bunny (02:39)

PlayLa Zona by Bad Bunny (02:16)

PlayQué Malo by Bad Bunny & Ñengo Flow (02:47)

PlayVete by Bad Bunny (03:12)

PlayIgnorantes by Bad Bunny & Sech (03:30)

PlayA Tu Merced by Bad Bunny (02:55)

PlayUna Vez by Bad Bunny & Mora (03:52)

PlaySafaera by Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy & Ñengo Flow (04:55)

Play25/8 by Bad Bunny (04:03)

PlayEstá C****n Ser Yo by Bad Bunny & Anuel AA (03:47)

PlayPuesto Pa’ Guerrial by Bad Bunny & Myke Towers (03:10)

PlayP FKN R by Bad Bunny, Kendo Kaponi & Arcángel (04:18)

PlayHablamos Mañana by Bad Bunny, Duki & Pablo Chill-E (04:00)

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