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  • Genres: Electronic, Music, Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock, Adult Alternative, Dance, Pop, Pop/Rock
  • Tracks: 68
  • Duration: 08:06


Miss Anthropocene (Deluxe Edition)

PlaySo Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Art Mix) by Grimes (06:08)

PlayDarkseid by Grimes & 潘PAN (03:44)

PlayDelete Forever by Grimes (03:57)

PlayViolence by Grimes & i_o (03:40)

Play4Æm by Grimes (04:30)

PlayNew Gods by Grimes (03:15)

PlayMy Name is Dark (Art Mix) by Grimes (05:56)

PlayYou’ll miss me when I’m not around by Grimes (02:41)

PlayBefore the Fever by Grimes (03:37)

PlayIdoru by Grimes (07:13)

PlayWe Appreciate Power (feat. HANA) by Grimes (05:35)

PlaySo Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix) by Grimes (03:52)

PlayViolence (Club Mix) by Grimes & i_o (04:12)

PlayMy Name is Dark (Algorithm Mix) by Grimes (04:03)

PlayIDORU (Algorithm Mix) by Grimes (04:46)

Art Angels

PlayLaughing and Not Being Normal by Grimes (01:47)

PlayCalifornia by Grimes (03:18)

PlayScream (feat. Pan Wei Ju) by Grimes (02:20)

PlayFlesh without Blood by Grimes (04:24)

PlayBelly of the Beat by Grimes (03:25)

PlayKill V. Maim by Grimes (04:06)

PlayArtangels by Grimes (04:07)

PlayEasily by Grimes (03:03)

PlayPin by Grimes (03:32)

PlayREALiTi by Grimes (05:06)

PlayWorld Princess, Pt. II by Grimes (05:05)

PlayVenus Fly (feat. Janelle Monáe) by Grimes (03:45)

PlayLife in the Vivid Dream by Grimes (01:27)

PlayButterfly by Grimes (04:12)


PlayInfinite Love Without Fulfilment by Grimes (01:35)

PlayGenesis by Grimes (04:15)

PlayOblivion by Grimes (04:11)

PlayEight by Grimes (01:47)

PlayCircumambient by Grimes (03:43)

PlayVowels = Space and Time by Grimes (04:21)

PlayVisiting Statue by Grimes (01:58)

PlayBe a Body by Grimes (04:20)

PlayColour of Moonlight (Antiochus) (feat. Doldrums) by Grimes (03:59)

PlaySymphonia IX (My Wait Is U) by Grimes (04:52)

PlayNightmusic (feat. Majical Clouds) by Grimes (03:58)

PlaySkin by Grimes (06:09)

PlayKnow the Way by Grimes (01:44)

PlayChristmas Song (feat. Jay Worthy) by Grimes (02:58)


PlayOuter by Grimes (01:11)

PlayIntro / Flowers by Grimes (02:49)

PlayWeregild by Grimes (05:13)

PlaySagrad Прекрасный by Grimes (05:10)

PlayDragvandil by Grimes (01:38)

PlayDevon by Grimes (04:30)

PlayDream Fortress by Grimes (05:00)

PlayWorld ♡ Princess by Grimes (04:40)

Play† River † by Grimes (01:56)

PlaySwan Song by Grimes (03:04)

Play≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈ by Grimes (02:13)

PlayMy Sister Says the Saddest Things by Grimes (04:11)

PlayHallways by Grimes (05:43)

PlayFavriel by Grimes (02:35)

Geidi Primes

PlayCaladan by Grimes (02:25)

PlaySardaukar Levenbrech by Grimes (02:05)

PlayZoal, Face Dancer by Grimes (02:36)

PlayRosa by Grimes (03:12)

PlayAvi by Grimes (02:35)

PlayFeyd Rautha Dark Heart by Grimes (03:41)

PlayGambang by Grimes (01:34)

PlayVenus in Fleurs by Grimes (02:43)

PlayGrisgris by Grimes (03:22)

PlayShadout Mapes by Grimes (04:32)

PlayBeast Infection by Grimes (02:21)

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